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Hi! I'm Plazma...I used to be an engineer/physicist...I decided to drop out of the entire system.
Now a punished shell of my former self...I am enjoying my downfall in real time and trying to understand the collapse of the world
whilst making new friends along the way! TTS Text to Speech Tips Here! Thanks!

Heres the pub talk and call in, you need Matrix, I dont use Discord or Zoom:
Cryptos etc...
BTC: 3GKtfxgc6JtA6qVTZ2jcUDAVx6eyaaCJNh
ETH: 0xc82df61ef99858c9ee229889e2f715c1db6695e0
LTC: LLWha9DX8z4WtBtj1kF84QCx3EAdFroW6c
I do not record my streams; so sorry if you missed them.
Everything I say on my stream is both comedic and retarded.
This means that if I am in court one day for what I have said on my stream and you are reading it out as evidence against me, you have also agreed
to the stipulation that you are also retarded.
A stone cold retard.
A drooling fool.
An imbecile.
A total spastic.

Plazmas Tea House: Interesting Things

I cover a lot of stuff.
Keep the TV. Cut the cable.
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