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No broadcast today. My schedule is changing and I need to work some things back out. The good news is it looks like I might have found a church worth attending. :D

06:58:16 pm
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Shades, Sent you a question in chat. 😎

07:19:47 pm
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You can think of Zen as a state of contemplative calm rooted in an acceptance that all things will eventually come back around in true full circle fashion.

Screw that noise! Here at Not Quite Zen, we might be vaguely interested in achieving a Zen-like state, but that's really all a bit too abstract. We may never get there, but we'll have some fun along the way discussing topics such as strategy, gaming, game development, writing, refrigerator logic, bathroom philosophy, and world domination. Probably not in that order.

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Questions? Comments? Suggestions about show format or content?
Come at me, Bro:

I think, therefore I am considered dangerous.

In a society that truly respects freedom and free speech, you can be as bigoted as you want.

I also provide color commentary on the Not Sorry Show!

The Game of Go aka Baduk

An ancient oriental turn based strategy board game in which players politely take turns placing black and white stones in a bid for murder and/or global domination.

It's all very Zen... until it isn't.

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Schedule: To Be Determined

β€’ Sunday 2:00 PM -- Celebration Sunday Gospel Hour
β€’ Weekdays 4:00 PM -- Various Other Shenanigans

All times listed in U.S. Central.

I'm still settling into a format and will update the schedule when I know more.

Some schedule changes may be imminent. Stay tuned!
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