For the fourth episode of Politix Parallax, we take continue our look at the unprecedented flood of illegal aliens now flowing into the United States over the southern border, and the consequences of this invasion.

We also take a deeper look into the motives of those promoting this, and what the outcome they intend would look like. The event is nearly biblical in scale and scope, and it's impact on the future of the United States and especially the political stake of White (Ethnic European) Americans into the future.

As a result of these incoming populations, as our subversive politicians quietly plan to build the political momentum necessary to gift every illegal immigrant citizenship, causing a permanent and official leftist neo-liberal one party state. "Alien Invasion" is a multi-part mini documentary into the effects of this unprecedented wave of invasion-immigration from the 3rd world, and the detrimental impact it will have on the people of the United States.

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